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Matzke Fine Art Gallery and Sculpture ParkGallery and Park: Check out the menu above to see artists & shows featured.


OPEN every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 11 to 5:00.

Monday thru Thursday by appt. 360-387-2759 or email:

The Gallery is “Open”   See something on-line you like…please call w/ any questions 360-387-2759 or email:

Matzke Gallery is committed to representing the best and the brightest talent from the Pacific Northwest, the United States and Japan. Including; Bi-Annual shows of The Woman Painters of Wash., Annual Art Auctions, Workshops, plus many talented artists: Richard Nash, Phillip Levine, Hiroshi Yamano, Tracy Powell, Kentaro Kojima, Janie Olsen, Betty and Russell Frost  are among over 85 emerging, mid-career, and established artists exhibiting at the Gallery and Sculpture Park. Our goal is connecting artists and collectors through our special events, exhibits, art production, and art education programs.


Matzke Fine Art Gallery and Sculpture Park, 2345 Blanche Way, Camano Island, WA


Sculptures In The Park: Don Anderson, Suzanne Averre, Dan Freeman, Robert Gigliotti, Jan Hoy, Wayne Kangas, Tracy Powell, Richard Nash, Sue Taves, Lane Tompkins and Bill Weissinger and many, many more.

Richard Nash

Plus New sculptures in the park:
by Richard Nash, Wayne Kangas, Don Anderdon, Kim Simonelli and Dan Freeman. More than 150 sculptures to view or purchase.

Don Anderson
Dan Freeman

NW Painters:

Sarah Denby, Anne Martin McCool, Barbara Noonan, Kathleen Secrest, Teresa Smith and Lori Vonderhorst. See Artists represented in menu.

Lori Vonderhorst


Always new sculptures added to the Park.



LODGE(d) 2.0 A site-specific collaboration with nature, Barbara De Pirro & Lisa Kinoshita. Originally created as a horizontal installation at the Museum of Northwest Art for the “Surge” exhibit, LODGE(d) 2.0 returns back to nature, residing comfortably in its new vertical perch at Matzke Fine Art Gallery and Sculpture Park.




Arno Zielke ( fore ground) and Kirk McLean (basalt back ground)


“Her Only Shelter”, limestone by Sabah Al-Dhaher




2022 Stone Carving Retreat

link here for more info. Sketching in stone.  That’s the best way I know of describing the process I experience when putting chisel to stone.  The original shape of the stone itself seems always faithful to recommend the gesture that’s to be pursued.  This suggested gesture then sets into motion a period of pondering–of envisioning what twists, turns and intertwinings might be held within the stone. Then comes the first tap of the chisel.  And with that first tap, the “conversation” is begun.  As with any good conversation, the pauses prove every bit as rich as the thoughts that are exchanged.  Listening precedes each word that’s spoken  Listening leads to the next tap of the chisel, which is followed yet again by a listening pause.  One thing leads beautifully and mysteriously to another. I love the progressive process of conversing with the stone.  Planes intersect.  Surfaces merge and again part ways.  Forms emerge.  But I must say that I enjoy just as much the simple pleasure of watching the tool marks as they appear in the stone.  Light plays against shadow, smooth against rough.  Like the cross-hatchings made in a drawing by a stick of charcoal, or line work created using pen and ink–just as beautiful are the marks left in stone by differing chisels. Interestingly, the conversation never seems to end.  Even when the chisels have been set to rest, my eyes continue to roam, happily exploring the outcome. — Don Haggerty ______________________________________________________________________

Alisa Looney (L) and Richard Nash (R) sculptures in the Matzke park.




bronze by Kevin Pettelle

 We have over 80 artists showing, including new sculptures in the ten acre Park !

“Figure in the Forest”, by Don Haggerty,Powder coated steel 63″H x 61″W


Matzke Fine Art and Design






A gallery featuring Fine Art exhibits as well as a ten acre Sculpture Park under a natural temperate canopy, a place for artist workshops and classes, indoors or outdoors. A designated place for art lovers to view or purchase fine art.

artist, Sabah Al-Dhaher

Currently featured in the Sculpture Park are works by Sabah Al-Dhaher, Kevin Pettelle, Reg Akright, Verena

artist, Kevin Pettelle at Matzke Fine Art

Schwippert, James Lapp, Don Anderson, Merrilee Moore, Shirley Erickson, Tracy Powell, Paul Larned, Aaron Haba, Paula Rey, Debbi Rhodes, Kirk McLean, Sue Taves, Terry Slaton, Tom Small, Lin Mcjunkin, Arno Zielke, Lane Tompkins, Lance Carleton and Richard J Nash.

Hours: Open weekends, 11am-5pm Weekdays by appointment, call 360-387-2759

Matzke Art Gallery

Background: For eighteen years, I owned History of the World Fine Art Gallery on the south end of Camano Island. I received my MFA from the University of New York at Albany, NY in 1983. In 2008, the doors opened to my new gallery, Matzke Fine Art Gallery. Our mission is to promote, encourage, and serve as an advocate for fine artists and to make contemporary art a relevant part of our cultural experience.  I expect that this magical acreage will nurture the careers of many artist and provide a place for others to expand their horizons as well.

Karla Matzke

Denise Synder
“Effervescent Growth”
77”h x 53”w x 13”d, powder coated steel
Price on request (POR)