Dan Freeman

Dan Freeman
2014 72” x 15” x 18”
steel w/ rock
$ 3400 SOLD
Crescent Variation #3
by Dan Freeman
84″ high x 34″ wide
welded steel
$4400. SOLD
Dan Freeman
“Variation”# 1
Stainless steel and welded steel
64.5” h x 22” w x 7” d
Dan Freeman
“Crescent Variation”
welded steel
64.5” h x 22” w x 7” d
$4,200 SOLD
“A Bolt From The Blue” by Dan Freeman

Dan Freeman
“Minimal Minotaur”
$3700 SOLD
Dan Freeman
Willendorf Updated
welded steel, patina, cherry, oak
Dan Freeman
Small Rock Shrine
welded steel, patina, rock, cherry
Dan Freeman
Heavy Metal Haiku #2
welded steel, patina, wood, aluminum
Dan Freeman
With Cherry on Top
38-1/2” tall
Welded steel, wood
$1400 SOLD
Steady Flame
by Dan Freeman
welded steel, cherry
$1100 SOLD
Angle of Repose #2 
by Dan Freeman 
welded steel, wood, rock 
It’s Only a Crescent Moon
by Dan Freeman
welded steel, wood, 
aluminum, stainless steel

Dan Freeman has been a student of art history and the human endeavor of “object making” his entire life. Endless curiosity seems to be the main driver of his artistic expression today.
As a human growing up there was nothing he wouldn’t take apart just to see how it went together. He is like this still. This may explain why he is willing to combine disparate materials into a new “whole” for a piece of sculpture he is making.
There is a sense of surprise and playfulness in much of Dan’s work. As he says “If we aren’t having fun and enjoying life and other people, then why are we here?”
Dan has been making sculptural objects– markers, talismans and fetishes– his whole life, combining elemental materials– wood, metal, stone and glass– to achieve the desired results.
“In my work I express who I am and how I see the world” is how he puts it. Makes sense to me.