Francie Allen – Sculptures

Francie Allen   Flutist    32”x17”x10”    Wire netting, aluminum tubing   $975
Francie Allen   Violinist   32”x20”x17”   Wire netting, brass & aluminum wire   $975
Francie Allen   French Horn Player   25”x7”x24”   Wire netting, copper tubing   $975
Francie Allen
“Corona Magic Trick”
24” x18” x 12”
wire netting, copper wire and screening
acrylic gel medium
$975 SOLD
Francie Allen
“Man at Play”
20” x 12” x 8”
wire netting, steel cube
acrylic gel medium
$975 SOLD
Francie Allen
“In the Grip of the Muse”
24” x18” x 18”
wire netting, wire screening
colored wire
$1,100 SOLD
Francie Allen
“Let it be a Dance”
24” x 10” x 8”
modeled paper pulp, wire netting, wire netting
& wire screening
acrylic gel medium
Francie Allen
“Dancer in Repose”
Wire netting and wire screening, steel cube        
Francie Allen
“Jumping Through Hoops”  
3/4 lifesize
Wire Netting, gel medium, steel hoops    
Francie Allen
“Bronze Man”
17” x13”x 5”
cast paper/gypsum
“Forest Guardian I”
cement 24′ high
“Forest Guardian II”
cement 24″ high

Francie Allen grew up in Gilford, a picturesque New Hampshire village that – after World War II – drew educated, visionary people to live their ideals. Their pioneering spirit and vibrant sense of community deeply shaped her values. Civil rights activities – marching with Martin Luther King, Jr. – prefigured her life long commitment to healing the planet and its peoples.

With a BA from Smith College and a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design, Allen moved to Seattle in the early 1970’s. As an MFA candidate in sculpture at UW School of Art, she unexpectedly found her greatest inspiration working with Dance Department head, Joan Skinner.

Francie is a versatile educator – from college teaching to designing school programs in visual thinking to environmental education. For over a decade she honed her entrepreneurial skills as owner of a production studio for her own cast concrete garden sculptures. Her water bowls, fountains and pedestals can be found in gardens all over the Pacific Northwest.

For six years Allen taught and sculpted in the San Francisco Bay Area, where she was an artist-in-residence for the city of Palo Alto. She also was selected as a member of a team of artist “ambassadors” to collaborate with a fellow group of Japanese artists from Sakai, Berkeley’s sister city in Japan. This relationship is still ongoing, as she regularly shows in Japan.

In 2009 Francie remarried and moved back to her beloved Pacific Northwest, this time to Bellingham. Here she began her current body of work in wire, inspired by dancing.

In her art Francie Allen strives to connect viewers with the miracle of being embodied. Her life size figures reorient the viewer, inviting a fresh perspective. Her installations disarm habitual responses to the physical world and offer a new relationship to the body/mind.