Leo Osborne

(detail) Leo Osborne, ON YOUR MARK
11 x 6 x 6 bronze 24/36
Leo Osborne
Gathering of Owls
bronze 24 x16 x12
Raven’s Cache
bronze 24x9x9
Leo Osborne
Water Woman Dream
bronze 8 x 9 x 8
41 x 8 x 8 (detail)
one off in bronze 
PEACE HEART 2021, 3 x 5 x 1. bronze $550
1965, I scribbled
My first peace sign
Countless wars of greed
Have since been fought
2021, may we
Learn to put peace
Into our hearts
That the march towards
Peace, Freedom and Justice
has been walked for naught
Entwined   (hummingbirds)
13 x 10 x4 bronze Ed. 27 (open edition) $2000

In recesses of my fertile mind
I see a fair maiden with me entwined
On hollow reed or twig divine
I’ll sip the nectars of her vine
So tender, writhing being of delight
Together let’s hum in long spiral flight
From this circle of life
As we spin our own tales
Our journey together will end
But our souls reunite in this
Vortex of light
And on this circle I will see you again
RAVEN’S CACHE 10 x 3 x 3 bronze ED 58/400 $995
Within the chamber of the pedestal
Raven holds the Sun
while he talks of his mysteries and mythologies.
Such a Trixter this one, and yet in my own cunning magic,
I coaxed him forth from the wood.
Call me RAVEN, too, my maestro…
ON YOUR MARK 11 x 6 x 6 bronze 24/36 $2,495
The young tawny barn owl steps out onto the platform of life
Sunset embers fill her wings
Get set,
She hears her mother and father call
Scared through to her hollow bones
Now filled with fierce wonder
She ponders her young life
For a split second
Awaiting the call
The wind softly whispers
HOWLING WOLF 3 x 5 x 4 bronze ED 27/30 $700
A wintry
wolf moon
I slept
in quiet
“Quiet Otter” 6″ Diameter Ed 50/300 – Bronze $700
so playful am I
with my tribe
at the shore
and more
we tumble and feed
we frolic in water
now it’s time to be quiet
for this slumbering otter
“Sea Otter” 6″ Diameter Ed 38/300 – Bronze $700
slipping thru
swirling surf
kelp beds
amidst the sea
laid back
I am free