Lisa Spreacker

“Don’t save the good stuff,use it!”

That precious phrase, or in Spreakers’ case those fabrics, beads and jewelry kept safe in her art boxes for decades, demand to be given Life. Everything in Spreackers’ work bears the weight of memory. The “frame” is old, yellow silk from a wedding dress, lace collars from Aunt Hazel and all of the beads , pins, buttons.  A place of refuge , joy and love . A place of leaving and of being left, its the stuff from Life. 

“I am a fine artist who specializes in familiar story telling through found objects, memorabilia and collage.”

Lisa Spreacker was born and raised in New Mexico with a fascination for the journey of the human soul and the places that path can lead. The direct outcome of this has been the construction of small altar like pieces that draw upon everyday items as talismans of personal power.

Lisa has a BFA in Fibers from the University of Washington and been teaching classes to children and adults in the Northwest since 1985. In 1997 she was named Artist of the Year for the Arts Council of Snohomish County for her contributions to the community in the name of the arts.

Her art can be found in private collections throughout the world, as well as Public Art venues in Everett. (Everett Public Library and the Transit Center)