Micajah Bienvenu


Wild Embrace, 8' tall stainless steel by Bienvenu

In my work I produce dynamic and intriguing site specific sculptures. Stainless steel, cor-ten steel, aluminum and bronze sculptures are conceived and engineered in 3D modeling software producing graceful fluid forms and gently abstracted shapes. Embracing sustainability, all of my work is created from x-prime and salvaged materials. I have shipped and installed public sculpture across the country from California to New York to Southern Florida. In both my public and private work, I enjoy the process of engaging the community or clients and working with engineers, architects and committees to ensure the creation of iconic and robust sculpture that excites and surprises.

Ascension Trio", 24' tall (public Art) stainless steel by Bienvenu




























______________________I have created many site-specific works, recently serving as a team member responsible for the metal design of an award winning $5,000,000 bridge in Portland, Oregon and creating “Aspire” for the Washington State Arts Commission’s AIPP Program, installed at the Deer Park High School in Deer Park, Washington. New directions include 3-d printing, solar power, LED lights and sculptures that acknowledge the viewer via motion controls with the goal of social engineering through public art.

Endless Fun, 4.5' tall stainless steel by Bienvenu