Molly LeMaster

    “Art is fundamental to my nature. I have been interested in art since I was a child.  Working in the finance industry for so many years, I had my head in numbers all day. I guess that makes me a left brain/right brain artist, or maybe the other way around. But this may well be the reason my paintings have a lot of detail.

Color has always fascinated me. I am a watercolor artist because I love the transparency of the colors. The medium challenges me. Frequently I apply as many as 20 “glazes” of color on one piece, allowing each layer to dry before applying the next layer. Mixing the color feels like magic to me. So, while my work subjects may vary greatly, detail and color are always present.

Nature, I suppose, is what inspires me the most. But my innate inspiration comes from everything around me, and I “see” a painting in just about everything!

There are no deep secret meanings or political or social statements in my work. Painting makes me happy, and I am always hoping that my paintings make the people around me happy. I am deeply complimented when a complete stranger stands smiling at something I have created. It is then that I know that the piece is a success.”

Molly LeMaster, Watercolor/mixed media artist