Pamela Mummy


White Knight

Pamela Mummy’s art is rooted in her love of the Renaissance.  Her classical approach, with an emphasis on the beautiful, is expressed through several media- painting, drawing and sculpture.  Her passion is figurative- rich earth tone paintings in oil, warm graphite drawings and powerful three dimensional work with clay.

While traveling in Italy, she focused her attention on the rich array of figurative art.  It deeply influenced both her imagination and her technique.  Her study of figurative work there had an enormous influence on her creativity.  The Golden Rectangle, considered since the Renaissance as perfect visual balance, is often acknowledged in the classical linear perspective that is the foundation of her paintings.  Hidden objects and words are secretly nested in her sculptures and paintings, reflecting her affection for intrigue.

Pam also lived in Japan and that experience has influenced her work in other ways.  There is an attention to detail so often associated with Japanese culture.  The contradiction of this culture’s external calm and internal turmoil influenced her awareness of embellishments, textures and patterns.  Life’s experiences become integral to the pursuit of art.

A popular theme of her art is the choice between “Fight and Flight”.  Conflict is familiar to all of us.  Both her two and three dimensional pieces often include armor or wings.  Sometimes it is best to meet the problem head-on, and other times the best solution is to move on- we choose armor or wings as life dictates.  Her figures reflect this dilemma in the honesty of their expressions and the tension of their stance.

Chess Pieces