Randal Leek, Sculptures

Randal Leek “Con-Volution of Space”
20h x 8w x 5d
Black Walnut on Marble base (rotates)

Randal Leek. “Consider the Other Side”
32h x 20w x 12d
Norway Maple on Marble base (rotates)

Please contact the Matzke Gallery for purchase, 360-387-2759 or email matzke@camano.net.

Randal Leek “Morning Moon” 14h x 12w x 4d
Redwood on Marble base (rotates)

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Randal Leek
Dynamic Balance of Light
28h x 15w x 16d
Norway Maple on Marble with pin
Randal Leek “Dynamic Balance of Light” 28h x 15w x 16d
Norway Maple on Marble (rotates)

Randal Leek “Still Motion I”. 17h x 8w x 6d
Maple with Alabaster
on marble base (rotates) $420

Randal Leek “Flame In The Wind” 17h x 6w x 5d
Redwood & Alabaster
on marble base (rotates) SOLD

Randal Leek “Balance”. 9h x 26w x 3d
Maple with Alabaster
on marble base (rotates) $510

Randal Leek “Wind Blade” 42h x 15w x 8d
Black Walnut on Marble base

Randal Leek “J Class Sloop” 8 x 26 w x 6d
Redwood on Marble base

“My sculptures are intended to have an element of intimacy; to be touched and lived with. And although I have strong political and social opinions, my pieces aren’t expressions of contemporary political values or burning social reform. They don’t intentionally express some aspect of the Human Condition, other than a kind of wonder about this new form that is unique and beautiful. For me, two things are most important: 1. the physical nature of the material, the type of wood or stone, hardness, coloring, grain texture, etc. and, 2. the abstract form of the final composition. Hopefully, these elements come together to create new inspiration, a new curiosity, to explore and to find something new with each viewing. I want each piece to be lived with in the home or public place; to be dusted off, rotated, relocated, and to find new light to complement their surroundings.”
Randal Leek, “Storm Jib” Redwood and Alabaster (rotating) SOLD