Richard Nash

detail, "Tango in Coreten"

    “Generally, I observe and “assimilate” my environment just like all artists”.

“I am particularly drawn to any objects that when touching create an interesting line, for example the wispy line made between clouds touching or the water sweeping up on the shoreline. I also am intrigued by the play of shadows against architectural and organic forms. Most of the current images in my work evolved about three years ago and continue to sustain my interest.” R.J. Nash

Richard’s painting falls squarely into that category of non-objective abstract expressionism. In a sense it is the purest form of painting.

” “, corten steel

Abstract expressionism has always challenged its viewers to explore new ways of enjoying the visual arts both spiritually and intellectually. That success depends on the use of composition to create the drama necessary to allow it to work as a piece of art.

“It is to me, as jazz is to music, or poetry is to writing.”R.J. Nash      Abstract expressionist’s composition might be compared to using the words of a poet to create a work of poetry. It is this perspective that might assist in understanding the work Richard  pursues and further help recognize how seriously it is approached.   “Good artwork is to be realized not just for the skill that it requires, but even more importantly it should be recognized for its “depth” no matter what the form of composition, after all, good art is good art.”  R.J. Nash

Richard is a native of the Northwest. He has resided in Oak Harbor, Washington, for the last 38 years with the majority of that spent embracing a career as a secondary art teacher. He also taught intaglio printmaking at the local community college for many years.

Richard earned his MFA in painting and printmaking from Washington State University and studied art on a student exchange scholarship at Nihon University in Japan for a year. He was granted a one-year sabbatical to study art and architecture in Europe, Russia, and Israel including a month immersing myself in New York City’s art-rich culture.


"Tango in Corten"