Susan Cohen Thompson

Thompson  moved to the North West from the Boston area. She has been painting and exhibiting her work professionally since 1979. Her paintings have shown in galleries in Boston, New York, Washington, and Oregon. She was invited to exhibit at The American Academy of Arts and Sciences in Cambridge, Massachusetts for the Culminating Conference on Religions of the World and Ecology. Thompson has had numerous solo exhibitions in Massachusetts Audubon nature sanctuaries. Her art has been in print in Sanctuary Magazine, EarthLight, In Context Magazine,  the covers of Dream Change Magazine, the CD of indigenous music from the Amazon Jungle and Exploring Shamanism by HS Webb. Her paintings are in many private collections across the Americas.

a selection of Susan's Drawings

“Through interactions with forests, learning from indigenous peoples and studying cosmology, I have come to perceive that everything on the Earth is a manifestation of Earth and its interplay with cosmic forces. I believe everything is interconnected and sentient. These ideas have been a central part of my art for over twenty years.

Susan in her Camano Island Studio

Art is my medium for pondering the universe and my way of responding to the world. It is a delight to communicate my ideas by putting color on a surface and forming it into meaning. I love moving the paint and making lines.”

"One with Puget", watercolor