Current Show

"Inner Twist", mixed medium by Danielle Bodine


“Sanctuary: Nest for Many”, cotton, polyester and metallic thread, 13” diameter, Patricia Resseguie

"Bird in Space" Sustainably harvested Claro walnut, curly maple 22 x 11 x 18 by Seth Rolland $475


Asian Influenced Contemporary Crafts, Paintings and Shibori Wearables.

“Gibraltar Bench” Reclaimed Douglas fir, natural beach stone 16 x 19 x 70 by Seth Rolland $3,400

Opening party March 11th, 5:00 to 9:00

"Reed Rolls" flat rattan reeds & thread 34" x 41"x 23" by Dona Anderson $1,800

_____continues thru April 16th.

"Divisions 6" 42 x 43 Hand-dyed cotton broadcloth Liz Axford $3800

“Flint”, cold wax, oil paints,metal tin, sumi ink 18 x 24 Donna Watson


Nancy Loorem Adams – basketry/sculpture
Dona Anderson – basketry/sculpture
Liz Axford – shibori/quilting
Danielle Bodine – basketry/ sculpture
Carys Hamer – shibori
Lin Holley – ceramics
Scott Jamieson – photography
Cheryl Kamera – shibori
Rick Klauber – Viewing Stones
Patti King – shibori
Nan Leaman – shibori
Brian O’Neill – ceramics
Seiko Purdue – cast paper
Claire Renaut – spun paper
Patricia Resseguie – mixed media drawing
Seth Rolland – wood
Brian Somers – ceramics
Donna Watson – paintings
Hiroshi Yamano – glass
Richard Nash – painting
Dinah Steveni – Ceramics

"Changling V" mixed medium by Danielle Bodine

"Changeling I " mixed medium by Danielle Bodine

"Of Rainbows and Clouds", ceramic 17 x 7 x 7 each by Lin Holley






Ode to Passage, Shibori by Nan Leaman



Double Arch Shelter Cave stone on Jatoba hand carved base 4.5 x 3.5 x 3.25 Rick Klauber

#2, mid-fired ceramic stoneware 19.5” x 8 Brian O’Neill
























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Liz Axford, Counterpoint 6, 70 x 56, hand-dyed cotton broadcloth



Cheryl Kamera, Wool Gauze Series, each 14” x 71” each, hand dyed wool, itajime shibori

Nancy Loorem Adams, Float, 10X10X10, Random weave walnut veneer and cane with steel $800

Nan Leaman, Shibori scarf wrap


2345 Blanche Way

Camano Island, WA 98282

OPEN Every Weekend 11 to 5

Weekdays by appt. 360-387-2759



Carys Ann Hamer, Bojagi 18"x80"Various silks resisted and dyed with indigo, osage and weld.

Patti King Tunic #3 Indigo dyed Japanese cotton 35 x 25

"Poeticus', acrylic, Richard Nash

“Tea Caddy with Spiders”, stoneware, multiple firings, Dinah Steveni $275

"Tea Caddy with Dragonflies",stoneware, multiple firings, Dinah Steveni $275