Woman Painters of Wash. March 7 – April 26


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ARTISTS: Mary Anderson, Sherri Bails, Jacqui Beck, Pamela Beer, Beth Van Faasen Betker, Whitney Buckingham Beechie, Ellen Busteed, Larine Chung, Marilyn Charlat Dix, Helen Drummond, Amy Ferron, Julie Fisco, Kristi Galindo Dyson, Sharon Grader, Judith Heim, Janet Hamilton, Sheri Jacobson, Emiliya Lane, Donna Leavitt, Magali Lenarczak, Darlene Gentry Lucas, Mary Jo Maute, Jane Mayer, Susan K, Miller, Barbara Benedetti Newton, Barbara Noonan, Joy S. Olney, Judith Perry, Molly Preston, Cheryl A. Richey, Gayle Scholl, Kathleen Secrest, Hiroko Seki, Beverly Shaw Starkovich, Marjorie Thompson, Susanne Werner, Susie Wind. Invited sculptors: Jan Hoy, Tracy Powell and Randal Leek.

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2345 Blanche Way, Camano Island, WA

Beverly Shaw-Starkovich painting & Randal Leek sculpture

Judith Perry with her painting

Susie Wind with her art

Tracy Powell sculpture, Barbara Newton pastel & Beth Betker oil painting

Donna Leavitt, graphite drawing & Sabah Al-Dhaher sculpture

Judith Heim with her art.

Judith Heim"Fox and Hare" mixed media 30 x 24. $850

Wind, Susie _Gasworks Summer_ 24h x 24w $1200.

Werner, Susanne_ Relationships III_18 x 18 $800.

Thompson, Marjorie _ A Brief Occurrence_40h x 30w $1500

Shaw-Starkovich, Beverly_ Fallo' Bianco(White Mist)12h x 24w $800

Seki, Hiroko_ Isseini(Thousands)_39h X 34w $1700

Secrest, Kathleen _ Night and Day_27 x 27 pastel $1300

Scholl, Gayle_Time Portal II_14h x 11w $345.

Richey, Cheryl_Off the Wall No1_22h x12w x 3.5d $530.

Preston, Molly_ Mosaic_20h x 24w _oil. $900.

Perry, Judith, Early Fall on the Willapa, 38 x 38 $2850.

Olney, Joy_Missing You_16h x 20w $1450.

Noonan, Barbara_Gentle Morning _19 x19 $750.

Newton, Barbara_Grassland_ 19h x 25w $1200,

Miller, Susan K_ Waterfall_36h x12w $700

Mayer, Jane _ Afternoon Glow_22h x 28w $750.

Maute, MaryJo_Falling through the Web_acrylic 40h X 45w $1100.

Lucas, Darlene_Quantum Fields_39h x 31w $1100.

Lenarczak, Magali_Fish Out Of Water_27h x 21.5w $1440.

Leavitt, Donna_The Lovers_28h x 45w_graphite $5000,

Lane, Emiliya_Color of the night_16 x 20 $850.

Jacobson, Sheri_"Namaste"_20h x16w $375.

Hamilton, Janet_Magic Clouds_15h x17w $500 SOLD

Grader, Sharon_Words Lift Me Up_12h x12w $290.

Galindo Dyson,Kristi_Field Study_32h x 41w $1500.

Fisco, Julie_"Equinox" etching_14x17 $325.

Ferron, Amy_After Midnight_30h x 24w $850.

Drummond, Helen_The Road Less Traveled_22h x18w $700.

Charlat Dix, Marilyn "Solo"_25h x 25w $1750.

Chung, Larine_"Aroma Of Hope", oil_24h x 24w $2400.

Busteed, Ellen_Exciting Possibilities_18hx24w. $700.

Buckingham Beechie, Whitney_Synchronicity Vibrations_36x36 $3800.

Betker, Beth Van Faasen_Commencement_40x30 $1200.

Beer,Pamela_Source_36h x 20w $1400.

Beck, Jacqui_Getting Along With Strangers_30hx30w. $1600.

Bails, Sherri_Poppies_16hx20w $700.

Anderson, Mary_Crossing the Sound_15hx19w $450.



Plus, new sculptures in the ten acre park, over a 140 sculptures to choose from for something perfect in your garden !


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