The Sculpture Park

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“Rayo Deparalso”, steel by Miguel Edwards

The Matzke Sculpture Park is a remarkable work of art itself. The graceful site embodies “a geometry of playfulness, as trees, walls, lawns and flowers come together to form a brilliant frame for outdoor sculptures.  New seasons and different times of day make the  Sculpture Park an ever changing background for art and a welcoming destination for visitors.


                    The Sculpture Park is currently exhibiting  more than 150 works. Step into another world as you enter the ten acre grounds, nestled among evergreen trees and the natural northwest fauna, the diversity and quality of the three-dimensional works are of world class significance. Sculptures by prominent and emerging American and international artist, utilize bronze, stainless steel, stone, wood and glass.


“The Birth of the Flower Children”, Alaska Marble by Tracy Powell

The Mission of Matzke Fine Art is to promote, encourage and serve as an advocate for sculptors and to make contemporary sculpture a relevant part of our cultural experience.

Kevin Pettelle, Crouching Man, bronze

{above: Kevin Pettelle, Crouching Man, bronze}                   Also Showing:  Sabah Al-Dhaher , Lane Tompkins, Suzanne Averre, Ron Simmer, Reg Akright, Verena Schwippert, James Lapp, Don Anderson, Merrilee Moore, Shirley Erickson, Tracy Powell, Paul Larned, Aaron Haba, Wayne Kangas, Kentero Kojima, Dan Freeman, Paula Rey, Debbi Rhodes, Kirk McLean,  Sue Taves,  Arno Zielke, Llyod Whannell, Tom Small, Barbara DePirro, Richard Nash, Bill Wentworth,  Charles Bigger,  Jan Hoy and Lance Carleton.


artist, Barbara De Pirro


artist, Charles Bigger

artist, Arno Zielke

  Friday, Saturday & Sunday, 11 to 5, or weekdays by appointment 360-387-2759

artist, Lance Carleton

artist, Lance Carleton

artist, Lance Carleton’s “Seed Series Sculptures”

artist, Aaron Haba


“Continum”, stainless steel and glass by Merrilee Moore

artist, Lance Carleton


artist, Tracy Powell

Kevin Pettelle, “Temple” bronze

artist; Sabah Al- Dhaher, “Comfort”