Merrilee Moore

"Ballroom Series, Fall", glass and stainless steel

Merrilee Moore feels that  glass gives her the freedom to explore architectural form, texture, and color better than any other medium.   Moore accentuates her bowls and vessels with a vivid palette by using a hot-sculpted technique.  Her play between delicate and powerful, whimsical and sculptural, offers a fresh perspective. “Surrounded by water in Seattle, I want to capture the essence of it’s movement. Molten glass echoes that fluidity. I have to keep moving in order to catch that exact moment and then freeze it for all time. Working with glass is a seductive process. Hot, slippery liquid at 1500 degrees can be teased into any shape or form I choose but my window of access is a tiny moment of time.  Exploring the textural and transparent elements, I endeavor to highlight the transparency of the medium. It is an insanely fun journey and the outcome is virtually limitless.

 After years of creative evolution, my work ranges from hot sculpted vessels to large-scale mixed media sculpture. I am intrigued with the juxtaposition of glass and stainless steel. The delicacy and the strength come together, each complementing the other in an elegant sculptural dance. I have been involved with many museum exhibitions, numerous public art projects, and important private collections  though out the Northwest.” Merrilee Moore

She earned her BFA at Central Washington University in 1987.
Continued studies at Pilchuck Glass School.
In 2011,  Merrilee Moore”s piece “Aerie” was chosen for the sculpture at the roundabout  entrance to Anacortes.

Merrilee Moore on sculpture, "Against All Odds", at Matzke Gallery