Robert Gigliotti and Dedrian Clark – Sculptures & Paintings

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Robert Gigliotti
Moonrock, 2021
90″ h x 35″ w x 5″ d
steel and granite
List $3495 SOLD
Robert Gigliotti
Quantum Leap, 2022
74″ h x 16″ d steel
List $1895
NOTE: this will arrive in JUNE
Robert Gigliotti
Germination, 2022
93.5” h x 22” w x 4” d
steel and stainless
List $3600
NOTE: this will arrive in June
Robert Gigliotti
Seed Vessel No. 1
steel, 18.5″ x 6″x 6”
$1295 S0LD
Robert Gigliotti
Seed Vessel No. 4
steel, 18.5″x 6″x 6”
$1295 SOLD
Robert Gigliotti
Seed Vessel No. 2
steel with stainless steel,18.5″ x 6″x 6”
$1295 SOLD
Robert Gigliotti
Seed Vessel No. 3
steel with brass,18.5″ x 6″x 6”
$1295 SOLD
Robert Gigliotti
Seed Vessel No. 5
steel with bronze,18.5″ x 6″x 6”
$1295 SOLD
Robert E. Gigliotti
stainless steel, 74″ h x 12″ diameter,
$1895 SOLD
Robert E. Gigliotti
Inspiration (in front)
stainless steel, 68″ h x 12″ diameter,
$1695 SOLD
Robert E. Gigliotti
Soul Migration
stainless steel, 68″ h x 12″ diameter,
Robert E Gigliotti
Boar Bank
cast bronze 2017
4.25″x 7.5″ x 3.4″
$795 SOLD
Robert E Gigliotti
Turtle Bank
cast bronze, 2020
4” x 6” x 4”
$795 SOLD
Robert E Gigliotti
Flying Boar Bank
cast bronze 2018
4.5″ x 7.5″ x 4.3″
$795 SOLD
Robert E Gigliotti
Elephant Bank
cast bronze 2021
6.5″ x 6″ x 4.5″
$995 SOLD
“Steam Punk Raven” 7.5 x 9 x 3.5 cast bronze
$1495 SOLD
“Country Raven” 6.5 x 9.5 x 3.5 cast bronze
$995 SOLD
Cyclist, 2010, 9″h x 12″w x 6″d, cast bronze,
List $3200 SOLD
Rower, 2008, 7″h x 13″w x 7″d, cast bronze,
List $3400 SOLD
Four Noble Truths, 1995, 14.5″ h x 3.75″ w x 6″ d, cast bronze,
List $3200 SOLD
World Traveler, 2011, 18″h x 8″w x 8″d, cast bronze,
List $4000,
Rocked in the Deep, 2018, 5,5″h x 15″w x 7″d, cast bronze,
List $3200
Road to Nirvana, Female 2021, 14.5″ h x 3.75″ w x 6″ d, cast bronze,
List $3200
Going To Dewachen, male 2021, 14.5″ h x 3.75″ w x 6″ d, cast bronze,
List $3200
Paddler, 2009, 13″h x 8″w x 8″d, cast bronze,
List $2895 SOLD
Beyond Samsara, 2017, 22.5″ h x 6″ w x 7″ d, cast bronze,
List $3200 SOLD
Devolution, 2019, 19.5″ h x 13.5″ w x 8″ d, cast bronze,
List $3200
Balance No. 2, 2015, 10″ h x 16.5″ w x 4.5″ d, steel, amazonite, wood,
List $750
Balance No. 1, 2015, 13.5″h  x 18″ W x 4.5″ d, ss, onyx, wood,
List $750 SOLD
Three Millennia Timer, 2015, 24.5″ h x 16″ diameter, bronze, glass, ss balls, List $1800
Alternating Current, 2015, 21″ h x 7.25″ diameter, bronze, copper, glass,
List $1495 SOLD
Space Dust, 2018
unknown type of rock and bronze,
7.5″ h x 8″ w x 5.25″ d
List $595
Robert Gigliotti
Trillium 2020
mild steel 60 x 26 x 26
List $350

Dedrian Clark’s Paintings

Dedrian Clark
Raven Moon
oil 24″ x 15″ framed   
$650 SOLD
Dedrian Clark
Two Doves  
pastel  15″ x 22″ framed   
$625 SOLD
Dedrian Clark
Fall Beauty
pastel 14″ x 14″ framed   
$425 SOLD
Dedrian Clark
Garden Time
oil 16″ x 16″  framed  
$450 SOLD
Dedrian Clark
oil 21″ x 18″  framed  
Dedrian Clark
Redwoods & Rhodes
oil 24″ x 15″    
$540 SOLD
Dedrian Clark
Redwood Giants
oil 18″ x 12″    
$525 SOLD
Dedrian Clark
oil 12.5″ x 25″ framed   
Dedrian Clark
Red-winged Blackbird
pastel 16.5″ x 15″ framed   
$375 SOLD
Dedrian Clark
What’s Up?
pastel 20.75″ x 14.5″   framed 
$540 Sold
Dedrian Clark
Stormy Day on Lake Whatcom
pastel 14″ x 11.5″  framed  
$325 SOLD
Dedrian Clark
pastel 14.5″ x 20.75″  framed 
$595 SOLD

Four Noble Truths, bronze

I approach sculpture from two different perspectives. First, I try to make each piece interesting on a purely visual level. Secondly, I attempt to use symbolism from the physical world, mythology and spiritual practices to challenge the viewer’s paradigms about our relationship to each other, to our environment and to the universe. In my opinion, the unveiling of the true Self and, consequently, nondual Spirit is the ultimate goal of art. You can substitute the word God, Tao, or whatever, for Spirit but it’s basically about the realization that “All is One” that I’m getting at. Nondual spiritual practices suggest that any separation we perceive between ourselves and others or any part of the physical or spiritual realms is an illusion. I think that this is intuitively what artists are doing when they create art. It represents an attempt to go from the finite self to the timeless Self. This type of art is sometimes called transpersonal art. It occurred to me recently that what I am attempting could be called “visual koan”. The intent of a written koan is to instill the understanding that the separation between subject and object is an illusion. Some of my artwork is a visual attempt at this type of practice. Purely representational art can expand ones consciousness as well, if it captures a timeless moment because Spirit itself is timeless; meaning not time everlasting but beyond time.

Cyclist, bronze and granite

I believe that any art that disarms you, makes you smile, or makes you think, is successful. At the very least, most artists hope for an emotional response to their work; I love it, I hate it, it makes me feel…etc. It’s not uncommon, however, for two viewers to get radically different impressions of a work. I hope my work will inspire you in some way.

Robert E Gigliotti
Aerial Ballet
18 x 10 x 8 cast bronze on granite base

Dedrian Clark

Dedrian Clark grew up in the, then, quaint town of Saratoga, California, nestled below the redwoods of Big Basin State Park and minutes from the Santa Cruz mountains. Vacations were spent with her family camping and exploring the High Sierras and neighboring forests. Her exposure to nature throughout her childhood created a deep appreciation for the connection and interdependence we share with our environment, later becoming the inspiration and passion for Dedrian’s art in a never-ending endeavor to capture a bit of the beauty and preciousness of the world around us.
In 2015 Dedrian retired after a long career in the manufacturing and higher education environments.  Up to this point Dedrian had dabbled part time in various mediums with a concentration on the techniques and basics of pastel painting. Retirement gave Dedrian an opportunity to go from dabbling, to full time painting – exploring the many possibilities of this beautiful medium.
In 2016, Dedrian moved her little studio from a corner of their Bow, WA residence, to a larger studio on the same property. Having a much larger space enabled Dedrian to expand her learning and experimentation, challenging herself even further.  As an emerging artist, Dedrian’s work began gaining attention locally through the various galleries and juried exhibitions. Stephen Hunter reported for the Cascadia Weekly, “Not a stroke of color is out of place. Clark, upon retirement from business, enjoys an amazing burst of creativity: her studies of wildlife, domestic animals, moths, steam-sides and similar, quiet natural subjects are moving and luminous”.
Wanting to expand her capabilities even further, Dedrian began to work with oils in 2019..  The quest continues, as Dedrian works to express her deepest passion for nature and the environment, no matter the medium, in hopes that the joy of doing so, shines through her art.