Aaron Haba

"Alto", rope and wood by Aaron Haba ( Presently at Matzke Park)

Aaron Haba, surrounded by a family of teachers and artists, he enjoyed early introductions to a wide range of cultural experiences in New York City — museum exhibitions, gallery openings, and poetry readings (click link to see film). >

Requiem for Mercy by Aaron Haba….Another wonderful Video:  Chick on to this link                                                                                                                                                                               

Requiem for Mercy by Aaron Haba







"Alto", in process

The summers he spent with his extended family around and on Camano Island galvanized his love of the natural world. These experiences together led to a career exploring artistic expression in both the studio and site specific installations.

Installation of "December" at Matzke Sculpture Park

Educated at Wesleyan University in Middletown, CT and UC Berkeley, he enjoyed being surrounded by challenging ideas and people from diverse cultures. Travel in Asia and Europe further strengthened his commitment to embrace humanity and the natural world through art.



He has for the last several years been working out of the studio on Camano Island that he shares with his wife, painter Elizabeth Haba.


Now settled in an environment that allows him to explore in depth the aesthetic and material possibilities that have fascinated him throughout his career, he enjoys finding new ways to express his feeling for the beauty of the natural world through the pieces he creates.

detail; "Solace"

"Solace", cedar 9' x 10.5'

"December", cement by Aaron Haba