“Honey, I Shrunk The Art”


CLICK ON THE ARTITS NAMES TO SEE MORE> Mike Adams, Reg Akright, Jano Argue, Erika Bass, Dee Doyle, Paul Elkins, Joan Enslin, Dan Freeman, Betty Frost, Gary Giovane, Robert E Gigliotti, Salyna Gracie, Jack Gunter, Josh Henrie, Judith Heim, Diane Hill,  Irena Jablonski, R Allen Jensen, Shannon Kirby, Kentaro Kojima, Randal Leek, Jeanne Levasseur, Barbara Noonan, Benjamin Mefford, Anne Martin McCool, Deb McCunn, Richard Nash, Janie Olsen, Leo E Osborne, Patti Pontikis, Tracy Powell, Molly Preston, Frank Renlie, Kathleen Secrest, Brian Somers, Rod Sylvester, Marjorie Thompson, Susan Cohen Thompson,  Lori Vonderhorst, Donna Watson, Jill Whitmore, Leon White, Pieter Vanzanden, Fatima Young & More !

Janie Olsen “Lugwig” acrylic on panel
10.5 x 8.5 black frame $225 SOLD
Janie has 16 more small paintings (Click here)
Susan Cohen Thompson “Reflecting on the Cosmos Journeyceramic SOLD
Susan has 6 new (wall) ceramics in the show (Click here)
Barbara Noonan “Cup of Glow” 13 x 13 framed pastel SOLD
Barbara has 14 new pastels for the small show (Click here)
Judith Heim “Come Fly with Me” 8 x 8 collage $175 SOLD
Judith has 10 new small works for the show (Click here)
Erika Bass “Broken Leaf III” mixed media $249
Erika has 7 new small works for the show (Click here)
Jack Gunter “Kalakala” sunset II – 10.5 x 12.5 egg tempera $575
Salyna Gracie “Winter Legend IV” encaustic SOLD
Salyna has 10 new small works (Click here)
Lori Vonderhorst “Mystic Stones” 7 x 5 acrylic on panel $250 SOLD
Lori has several small paintings in the show (Click here)
Robert E Gigliotti “Bird in Nest” soapstone, bronze & Wire SOLD
See more of Rob;s sculptures (Click here)
Richard Nash “Modulation 2” acrylic on Museum board 12 x 10 $295
See more of Richard’s paintings and sculptures
Hiroshi Yamano “East Meets West” 5 x 2.5 x 2.5 blown, etched, silver leaf and hot sculpted glass $1600
Gary Giovane “Goldfinch & Thistles” 9,5 x 10.25 acrylic on cedar $185
See more of Gary’s art (click here)
Kathleen Secrest “Hang In There” 13 x 13 framed pastel $245
Check out more of Kathleen’s art (click here)
Leo E Osborne “Entwined” 13 x 10 x 4 Bronze open ed.#27
Leo has 5 other bronzes in the show
Molly Preston “Edible” 14.5 x 11.5 gouache $250
Molly brought me 6 paintings for the show
Jeanne Levasseur “Ready To Ride” frame 8 x 8 charcoal $195 SOLD
Jeanne has 10 all together here
Anne Martin McCool “Around Red” 8 x 8 mixed media $375 SOLD
Anne has 15 more new small paintings in the show
R. Allen Jensen “Throw you hat in …” mixed media $95 to $195
Stephanie Hargrave “Swing 2” 5 x 5 encaustic $125
She has 3 other new small works, come to the gallery
Dee Doyle ” Mountainscape I” 8 x 8 acrylic (palette knife) $175
Pieter Vanzanden
“Triumph of Death Soldier”
8 x 5 x 4
bike chain, nails ( movable parts)