Past Shows

The 6th Annual Art Auction at Matzke Fine Art Gallery and Sculpture Park

will run the whole month of September, every Friday, Saturday and Sunday

from 10 to 5, leave a bid, or just come to preview the wonderful artworks.

85+ pieces of Fine Art (glass, sculptures, paintings) by sixty artists.

On September 26th, will be the Finale

Live Auction, promptly begins at 5 pm. 

Registration fee:  $25, at the door.

Party & Food starts at 4 pm;

Hors dOeuvres, yummy desserts and beverages.

Remember, if you can’t make it to the live auction Sept. 26th, you can still leave an absentee bid on any prior weekend of September.


Glass, sculptures and paintings. Featured artists: Alissa Durling, Dan Freeman, Ruth Hesse, Sharon Kingston, Kevin Pettelle, Hiroshi Yamano and Many More. Glass, sculptures and paintings. Featured artists: Alissa Durling, Dan Freeman, Ruth Hesse, Sharon Kingston, Kevin Pettelle, Hiroshi Yamano and Many More.


Matzke Fine Art Gallery and Sculpture Park

presentsThe Celebration of Spring, the exhibition continues trough June 14th.

Flowers blooming, birds chirping, new moons and new dresses !

Featuring sculptures by Sue Taves, Dan Freeman and Kentaro Kojima, paintings by Janie Olsen, Janet Hamilton, Jano Argue, Mary Molyneaux  and mixed mediums by Donna Watson, glass by Merrilee Moore, prints by Karla Matzke, ceramics by Leon White and Ruth Westra, Wearable art by Don Haggerty.  Plus, new sculptures in the 10 acre park by Miles Whited, Lin McJunkin, Dan Freeman, and James Ellingboe.


Matzke Fine Art Gallery and Sculpture Park presents

“Sanctuary” fiber by Patricia Resseguie


These six distinguished artists have mastered unique styles through experimentation of their medium and innovative techniques.

“Etching” pate de Verre glass & steel by Lin McJunkin
“Pique” knitted kiln cast glass by Carol Milne
“Swimming With The Turtles” acrylic/collage by Mary Molyneau

Party & Potluck; 4:00 – 9:00, Saturday, February 28th, 2015

Show continues through April 12th.

“Guardian of the Spirit” hand sewed by designer Anita Mayer

Featured artists:

Dona Anderson (woven fiber), Lin McJunkin (pate de verre glass/steel), Carol Milne (kiln cast glass), Mary Molyneaux (collage acrylic paintings) Anita Mayer (clothing designer) and Patricia Resseguie (fiber and installations).

“Women Warriors”, wrapped fiber on steel by Dona Anderson

Nominated for 2014 Best Gallery in Western Washington; King 5 and Evening Magazine




April 26th through June 8th, 2014

Don Haggerty, “Dancers 1″ , 60″ x 60” oil

Artists: Betty Frost, Dan Freeman, Patsy Thola Chamberlain, Charlie Bigger, Lance Carleton, Don Haggerty, Ria Harboe, Shirley Erickson, Cheri O’Brien, Janie Olsen, Karla Matzke, Alexandra Morocco, Merrilee Moore, Richard Nash, Delores Taylor, Susan Cohen Thompson, Donna Watson, Ruth Westra, Leon White and New sculptures in the ten acre sculpture park.


March 1st Opening and Book Signing…

Matzke Fine Art Gallery and Sculpture Park…presents

25 of the “100 Artists of the Northwest” Art Show


Sabah Al-Dhaher (Seattle), Liana Bennett (Bothell), Brian Berman (Bainbridge), Lance Carleton (Lake Stevens), Shirley Erickson (Bellingham), Kathleen Faulkner (Anacortes), Aaron Haba (Camano Island), Karen Hackenberg (Port Townsend), Phillip Levine (Burien), James Madison (Tulalip), Karla Matzke (Camano Island), Lin Mcjunkin (Conway), Merrilee Moore (Seattle), Richard Nash (Oak Harbor), Peregrine O’Gormley (La Conner), Doug Randall (Portland), Debbi Rhodes (Camano Island), David Ridgway (Bellingham), Sue Roberts (Guemes Island), Ethan Stern (Seattle), Donna Watson (Camano Island), and Bill Wentworth (Poulsbo) 

The book “100 Northwest Artists” and the twenty five artists showing, represent the artistic vibrancy of the Northwest region of the United States. The states of Oregon and Washington are rich with artists, having become vital art scenes in the past several decades. Using sculpture, glass, oil, clay, wood, and other contemporary mediums, as well as paint, these 21st century artists combine, redesign, and transform their materials into pieces of works that change the way we perceive both the regions of the Northwest and the world. This show is a wonderful resource for lovers of all art mediums


Autumn Wind

Glass, Installations and Northwest Paintings.

Opening on September 28th and Continues through November 10th, 2013

Included artists; Mike Adams, Todd Horton, Anne Martin McCool, Jennifer Phillips, Susan Cohen Thompson, and Hiroshi Yamano.

Enjoy NEW sculptures in the ten acre sculpture park by;  Jan Hoy, Norbert Jager, Dan Freeman, Lawrence McLaughlin, Lin McJunkin, Richard Nash and a outdoor installation by Barbara DePirro.

Hives are now thriving within a grand old Cedar tree on Camano Island. Created using reclaimed plastic bottles, stitched together with staples and stainless steel pins. By Barbara De Pirro



“Art Auction for the Artists and Gallery”, Saturday: June 1st, 2013

Preview the Artwork May 25, 26 and June 1; 11:00 to 5:00, Artwork can be purchases at those times.

Party: June 1st, 4:00 to 9:00; $ 20.00 registration fee auction evening (pay at the door)Dress Attire; casual

We are offering a opportunity to purchase art created by some of the best NW artists who participated at Matzke Fine Art Gallery, . Half of the proceeds from the sale will go directly to the artists.

Jack Gunter and Karla Matzke will MC. with auctioneer Al Mangold.




“The Really, Really Big Show” 

Levitator by Jack Gunter

 A Theatrical, Burlesque, Puppetry, and Circus Theme visional art show.

Costume Party (costume optional) Sept.29th through  November 4, 2012

19 artists invited with works in paintings, glass and sculptures. And new sculptures in the ten acre park.

Photo by Peter Newland

Artists: Jack Gunter, Liana Bennett, Debbi Rhodes, Dolores Taylor, Lin McJunkin, Sidney Dodge, Phillip Levine, Russell Frost, R. Allen Jensen, Pepper Peterson, Cheri O’Brien, Pam Mummy, Pam Robinson, Betty Frost, Don Anderson, Richard Nash, Deborah Scott, Michell WaldelDick, Vanessa Jensen and special puppet master……. Phillip Morrison !

Painting by Liana Bennett


“SUMMER MOMENTS”Artists working in Glass, Metal, Stone and a selection of Northwest Paintings….

Group show, July 14th continues thru Sept. 9th.

 Sue Taves Sculpture

Glass: Ross Richmond, Doug Randall, Hiroshi Yamano, Annette Tamm, Merrilee Moore, Llyod Whannell, Janet Foley, Delores Taylor, Els VanderEnde, and Lin McJunkin. Painters: Anne Martin McCool, Dederick Ward, Todd Horton, Barbara Zielke, Janie Olsen, Jerry Finn. Metal Sculptures: Kevin Pettelle, Robert Gigiliotti.Stone: Sue Taves, Sabah Al-Dhaher, James Lapp, Tracy Powell, and Lane Tompkins.Jewelry by Marie-Claire Dole. NEW Outside Sculptures: Verena Schwippert, James Madison, Don Anderson, Arno Zielke, Paula Rey, Richard Nash, Paul Larned, Don Haggerty, and Suzanne Averre.

Sculptures by Don Anderson


The 3rd annual Live Art Auction for the Artists

James Hardman

 Glass, paintings, sculptures & outdoor sculptures.

Betty Frost, ptg (5″x 6″) $1200.

April 28th,  Auction promptly starts at 5pm, but come early at 4pm and enjoy sandwiches, hors d’oeuvres, yummy desserts, wine and a fun time.

Delores Taylor, “Blackberry”, 6″ x 5.5″ x 6″, glass $1500.

Clayton James, “Illabot Creek”, 36.5″ x 24″, $ 2800.

Sixty Artists: Jack Gunter, Clayton James, Phillip Levine, Lance Carleton, Dederick Ward, Don Haggerty, Betty Frost, Delores Taylor, Todd Horton, Debbi Rhodes, Sue Roberts, Arno Zielke, Brian Berman, William Morse, Cheri O’Brien, Anne Martin McCool, Richard Nash, Karla Matzke, Donna Watson, James Hardman, Dona Anderson, Charles Bigger, Lin McJunkin, Doug Randall, Lars Husby, Barbara Zielke, Fred Pilkington, Janie Olsen, Robert Gigillotti, Jeanine Borree, Jerry Finn, Bill Bruan, Reg Akright, Shirley Erickson, Thomas Wood, Dolores Ruscha, Chris Theiss, Jill Mattison, Susan Cohen Thompson, John Ebner, Molly LeMaster, Roger Cocke, Eric Woods, Pamela Mummy, Ruth Westra, Lisa Spreacker, Paula Rey, Hiroshi Yamano, Aaron Haba, Merrilee Moore and More.

Jack Gunter. “Black Birds”

Doug Randall,”Variegation in Red”,cast glass (9″h x 12″w) $ 3800.

Matzke Fine Art Gallery and Sculpture Park, 2345 Blanche Way, Camano Island, Wa



Anette Bellamy

Clay has been used for centuries to express aesthetic ideas. Explore the virtually limitless world of ceramic sculpture.  Meet the Artists who bring clay to life in ways you may never have imagined.  From the diminutive to the monumental, the figure to the abstract, there are endless possibilities for expression in the form of ceramic sculpture.

Roger Cocke

March 3rd to April 8th

Included artists:  Annette Bellamy, Charles Bigger, Roger Cocke, Julie Cline, Liza Halvorsen, Lars Husby, Jack Gunter, Pam Mummy, Ruth Pumphrey, Sue Roberts, Chris Theiss, Susan Cohen Thompson, Ruth Westra and Arno Zielke. A selection of Regional Painters:  Don Haggerty, Russell Frost, Clayton James, Anne Martin McCool, Cheri O’Brien, Richard Nash, and Dederick Ward.   Also, an installation by Aaron Haba



Featuring Glass, Paintings and Sculptures by 45 plus Artists

21st Annual Small Works Show

“At The Bay” by Sydney Dodge

November 19th through Jan. 28th, 2012.

“Samish Flats, Twilight” by Barbara Zielke

Participating Glass artists: Hiroshi Yamano, Doug Randall, Els Vanden Ende, Annette Tamm, Merrilee Moore, and Lin Rebolini McJunkin. Mixed Medium:Donna Watson, Lisa Spreacker, Ruth Westra and Genie Rognier. Painters: Liana Bennett, Cheri O’Brien, Molly LeMaster, Linda Demetre, Barbara Zielke, Arno Zielke, Duane Kirby Jensen, Dotti Burton, Todd Horton, Kathleen Faulkner, Richard Nash, Jerry Finn, Don Haggerty, Susan Cohen Thompson, Jack Gunter, Anne Martin McCool, Janie Olsen, Liz Hamlin, Sydney Dodge, Anna Mastronardi Novak, Jeanine Borree, Pamela D. Robinson and Karla Matzke. Original prints: Fred Pilkington and Beth Atkinson. Sculptors: Debbi Rhodes, Phillip Levine, Robert Gigliotti, Pam Mummy, Sabah Al-Dhaher, Terry Slaton, Reg Akright, Kirk McLean and Kevin Pettelle.

by Pamela D. Robinson

Matzke Fine Art Gallery Show, “Honey, I Shrunk The Art” will feature over 45 of our top artists as they offer unique one of a kind gifts for holiday giving. This will be the largest collection of art (over 250 paintings and sculptures) perfect for giving this holiday season.


Opens October 8th, show continues thru November 13th, 2011 !

A group show about performance; circus, dance and theatrical.  Featuring Debbi Rhodes “Circus Sculptures” !


Artists:  Alla Goniodsky, Liana Bennett, Sue Roberts, Debbi Rhodes, Jack Gunter, Karla Matzke, Cheri O’Brien, Lisa Spreacker, Pam Mummy, Michelle Waldele-Dick, Phillip Levine, Richard Nash, Pepper Peterson, Lin McJunlin, Janie Olsen, Merrilee Moore, and Robert Gigliotti.


Celebrating “Nature”

Exhibition continues through September 25th, 2011

Tour the certified natural habitat and view several new sculptures in the Park, Also, new installations by Barbara De Pirro !

My outdoor series of installations ˜forest weavings utilize invasive plant species, such as ivy vine. Removing it from the forest, I weave it into nests, a symbol of shelter and protection. Once each sculpture is dried, they are then tucked safely back into the trees. My intent is to raise awareness to the fact that invasive, plant species have contributed to a huge decline in the diversity of our indigenous plants, endangering our native species.” Barbara DePirroParticipating Glass artist: Hiroshi Yamano, Doug Randall,  Els Vanden Ende, Delores Taylor, Lin McJunkin, Tom Small, Annette Tamm, David Kerr, Merrilee Moore and Chuck Lopez. Mixed Medium: Lisa Sprecker and Donna Watson . Sculptors: Phillip Levine, Kevin Pettelle, Sabah Al-Dhaher and Lane Tompkins. Painters: Susan Cohen Thompson, Todd Horton, Kathleen Faulkner, Richard Nash,  Betty Frost,  Jerry Finn and Karla Matzke. ÂCeramic artist: Ruth Westra. Featuring New Sculptures in the Park: Barbara DePirro, Kirk McLean, Tracy Powell, Arno Zielke, Lin McJunkin and Jan Hoy.



An exhibition of a diverse selection of art, by twenty four artists working in a variety of techniques.

Motionless Sea by Todd Horton (sold)

Exhibition July 16th through September 4th, 2011

Northwest painters working with oil, acrylic and pastel. Glass work, hand carved stone sculptures, bronzes and NEW metal and stone Sculptures in the Park.  Participating Glass artist: Hiroshi Yamano,  Veruska Vagan, Doug Randall,  Els Vanden Ende, Delores Taylor, Lin McJunkin, Tom Small, Annette Tamm, David Kerr, Merrilee Moore and Chuck Lopez. Mixed Medium: Lisa Sprecker, Donna Watson and Barbara De Pirro. Sculptors: Phillip Levine, Sabah Al-Dhaher and Lane Tompkins.  Painters: Todd Horton, Kathleen Faulkner, Richard Nash,  Betty Frost, Emily Wood,  Jerry Finn and Karla Matzke. Ceramic artist: Ruth Westra. Featuring New Sculptures in the Park: Kirk McLean, Tracy Powell, Arno Zielke, Lin McJunkin and Jan Hoy.



A glass exhibition that will provide the public with an opportunity to view a diverse selection of art glass by fifteen glass artist working in a variety of techinques (lampworked, cast, hot sculpted, molten, etched, cut, assembled and ground).

May 6th through June 19th, 2011  Participating Glass artist: Hiroshi Yamano, Edward Schmid, Veruska Vagan, Doug Randall, Brian Berman, Els Vanden Ende, Delores Taylor, Tom Small, Annette Tamm, David Kerr, Shirley Erickson, Lin McJunkin, Charles Bigger, Pike Powers, Paul Larned, Merrilee Moore and Chuck Lopez. Mixed Medium:Barbara DePirro. Painters: Richard Nash, Jillian Mattison, Genie Rognier, Anne Schreivogl,  Betty Frost, Emily Wood, Donna Watson, Liana Bennett, Fred Pilkington, Jerry Finn and Karla Matzke. Featuring New Sculptures in the Park: Debbi Rhodes, Kirk McLean, Tracy Powell and Jan Hoy.


The 2nd Annual Live ART AUCTION FOR THE ARTISTS Invitational

Here is a great way to support local artists of Washington & Oregon and to get very high quality original artwork for your collection.

“Dick and Jane” by Sue Roberts

April 23rd,2011 (Saturday)PARTY starting at 4:30. Seventy five pieces of fine art (all mediums) will be auctioned.  $ 20. per person registration fee auction night. The Auction starts promptly at 6pm. Preview the art work April  23rd, 11 to 5pm.

Sandwiches, Yummy desserts,WINE and nonalcoholic beverages.


Included artist: Jack Gunter, Debbi Rhodes, Merrilee Moore, Reg Akright, Betty Frost, Lin McJunkin, Karla Matzke, Donna Watson, Richard Nash, Terry Slaton, Ruth Westra, Doug Randall, David Kerr, Susan Cohen Thompson, Genie Rognier, Liana Bennett, Lane Tompson, R. Allen Jensen, Annette Tamm, Pam Mummy, Sue Roberts, Ann Matin McCool, Cheri O’Brien, Marc Boutte, Phillip Levine, John Ebner, Steven Heino, Aaron Haba, Sabah Al-Dhaher, Hiroshi Yamano and many more.



March 5th through April 10th


NWDC is a Juried arts organization with members from Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Alaska.  It was founded in 1954 to promote excellence of design and craftsmanship as well as to stimulate public appreciation and interest in fine craft.

Included Artist: Candyce Anderson, Dona Anderson, Barbara Barns Allen, Lanny Bergner, Danielle Bodine, Ginny Conrow, Kathleen Faulkner, Jo Ann Feher, Deborah Gregory, Lars Husby, Lois James, Cheryll Leo-Gwin, Julia Lowther, Linda McFarian, Dorothy McGuinness, Agnes McLin, CA Michel, Carol Milne, Mary Molyneaux, Jill Nordfors Clark, Ron Pascho, Doug Randall, Patricia Resseguie, Leon Russell, Denise Snyder, Polly Adam Sutton, Delores Taylor, Jean Tudor and Hannah Voss.


“HONEY, I SHRUNK THE ART!” 20th annual

A small works show featuring 40 artists Fabulous works in oil, pastel, watercolor, glass, metal and stone. Included artists: Hiroshi Yamano, Veruska Vagen, Jack Gunter, Cheri O’Brien, Pam Mummy, Richard Nash, Kevin Pettelle, Lane Tompkins, Karla Matzke, Annette Tamm, Philip Levine, Fred Pilkington, Debbi Rhodes, Sue Roberts, Donna Watson, Merrilee Moore and many more. Click on thumbnails to view slideshow of enlarged images.


Nature – Art – Music – Poetry – Speakers – Sculpture 50 Participating Artists: Barbara De Pirro, Susan Cohen Thompson, Ruth Westra, Jack Gunter, Karla Matzke, Steve Stushek, Veruska Vagen, Colin Reedy, Patricia Resseguie, Steven Heino, Els VandeEnde, Hiroshi Yamano, Aaron Haba, Courteney Bomgardner, James Lapp, R. Allen Jensen, Ella Hope and Genie Rognier.   On September 11, 2010, President & Michelle Obama called on all Americans to join together in a sustained, collaborative, and focused effort to address the nation’s most challenging problems. On Camano Island, Camano Action for a Rural Environment (C.A.R.E.) in collaboration with Karla Matzke did just that with the Camano Honors Earth Event and Art Exhibit.

“On this day of national service, what better way to ensure the security of our nation than to protect our water, promote good steward ship, encourage responsible land use, and preserve the integrity of our natural habitats. This event encompasses all of these aspects of C.A.R.E.’s mission.” Allison Warner, C.A.R.E. President

Click on thumbnails to view slideshow of enlarged images.

Sculptures from the Northwest Stone Sculptors Association and the Pilchuck Glass School Staff and Alumni

The Pilchuck Glass School, founded in 1971, is an ever-expanding international community of artists. Pilchuck has become the largest, most comprehensive educational center in the world for artists working in glass. Sculptors from The Northwest Stone Sculptors Association, (NWSSA) is an arists membership organization since 1985, the NWSSA has promoted public interest in contemporary sculpture through exhibitions in public spaces and through educational outreach. Click on thumbnails to view slideshow of enlarged images.

Abstract Painting As A Form Of Visual Poetry

Richard J. Nash in the East Gallery Richard Nash palette often aligns itself with the warm ambers, browns and greens of the Skagit landscape, along with the quiet blues and muted reflections of Skagit Bay. Click on thumbnails to view slideshow of enlarged images.

GLASS, METAL & STONEOutside Sculptures

In steel, bronze, stainless steel, rope, wood and stone. The Artists are:   Shirley Erickson, Reg Akright, Kevin Pettelle, Paula Rey, Sabah Al-Dhaher, Verena Schwippert,  Tracy Powell, Kirk Mclean, Debbi Rhodes, Lance Carleton, Merrilee Moore, Aron Haba, Tom Small, Don Anderson, James Lapp, Paul Larned  and a water feature by Mark Lowe. Click on thumbnails to view slideshow of enlarged images.