Liana Bennett

"Sometimes Its Pears", oil

Life’s fragile threads, small occurrences, and moments change our lives from one reality to another. The viewer connects with an instant captured in an expression, a place or an object. Representational or abstract, Liana strive to capture these things in her work.

"Jessica", oil

Liana was born in Rhyl, North Wales in 1948. Her family immigrated to California in 1954. Building from a passion for drawing that began as a young child,  Liana honed her craft during her teenage years. As a result, she won a scholarship to Art Center School during her senior year and attended Chouinard (now California Institute of the Arts) after graduation. A regular participant in Puget Sound regional art shows, Liana has won many awards in national and local competitions, and is a three-time finalist plus artist of the month in Artist Magazine.

"Christine", oil