“Taming The Spring Muse”

The Show continues through June 19th

Open every Friday, Saturday & Sunday, 11 to 5:oo

Monday – Thursday by appointment call 360-387-2759 or email; matzke@camano.net

Dan Freeman “Seed” steel and rock $3600
See more of Dan’s work, click on the link below
71” x 13” x 4”http://www.matzkefineart.com/artists-2/dan-freeman/

Artworks by artists: Don Anderson, Dee Doyle, Gary Giovane, Judith Heim, Gina Holt, Randal Leek, Deb McCunn, Barbara Noonan, Richard Nash, Janie Olsen, Leo Osborne, Dona Reed, Kim Simonelli, Lori Vonderhorst, Donna Watson, Bill Weissinger & Leon White.

Link to Lori Vonderhorse page to see all of her paintings
Deb McCunn’s clay rabbits and Janie Olsen’s paintings
Click on the link to see all of Janie Olsen’s paintings
Deb McCunn
28″ x 14.5″x 19″
High Fire Outdoor Clay
More of Deb McCunn’s Clay works
Link to Barbara Noonan to see more of her paintings
Link to Judith Heim to see more of her collages
Judith Heim with her collages
Link to Gina Holt page to see more of her clay works
Gina Holt with her clay flowers
Donna Watson has several of her paintings and assemblages in the show
three of Donna Watson’s assemblages
Link to Gary Giovane page to see more of his paintings
A couple of Gary Giovane’s 12 paintings
Link to Richard Nash page to see more of his paintings
Kim Simonelli
“Connections 2”
20″ x 13.5″ x 6″
welded steel, patina, lacquer
See more indoor and outdoor sculpture, click on the link below.
More of Kim Simonelli’s sculptures
Randal Leek
walnut and alabaster on black marble base $2100
Link to Randal’s sculptures, to see more
Link to see more of Dona Reed lino cuts and assemblages
Several of Dona Reed’s assemblages

Dee Doyle
On the Fence #1
8 x 8 x 1.5 Encaustics $150
To see more click on the link

Plus New sculptures in the park:
by Wayne Kangas, Ken Turner, Tracy Powell and Dan Freeman.
More than 150 sculptures to purchase.

Dan Freeman “Seed” steel and rock $3600
See more of Dan’s work, click on the link below
Ken Turner
Fiddlehead – fern opening
65” x 34” X 24” stainless steel
To see more of Ken’s work, clink on the link below
Tracy Powell, “Swan” carved marble 15 x 15 x 11 SOLD
Wayne Kangas, “Dragon Fly” $900 and “Butterfly” $1050
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