Els Vanden Ende

Black Cairn # 30

All of Els’ pieces begin with Bullseye sheet glass. Flat forms are slumped over rounded forms. Sculpted and carved with a diamond wheel. They are cut and fired in the kiln, re-cut, ground and sandblasted and sometimes re-fired in the kiln. All of the work has a matte or satin finish from sand blasting.

Available Artwork below :

Els VandenEnde has worked with glass since 1983 and has studied with many notable artists, including Richard La Londe and Catharine Newell. She has attended The Studio at the Corning Museum of Glass and Pilchuck Glass School, where she was a teaching assistant for Steve Klein in 2006 and has worked and volunteered for several seasons.

Els pursued her passion of creating art. She developed into an innovative and distinguished artist.