“Spring has Sprung” May 8 – June 27

Click on the Artists names to see more of their art.

Matzke Fine Art – 360 387 2759 or email: matzke@camano.net

Janie Olsen has 20 new paintings in her “Magic Realist” style
Lori Vanderhorst has 10 alluring paintings on display
Gina Holt has several lovely new ceramic flowers
Barbara Noonan has 16 new pastels showing
Salyna Gracie brought 20 new encaustic paintings for the show
Deb McCunn has numerous clay animals in the show. They can be inside or outside.
Randal Leek has included 9 new carved wood sculptures
Tracy Powell carved stone sculptures
Susan Cohen Thompson has both her ink drawings and a new series of clay pieces
Gary Giovane has 12 new paintings here
Leo Osborne has several bronzes graving the gallery
Rod Sylvester has several new plein air oil paintings

Click on the artist name to see more of their art.

Dona Reed has brought both her block prints and assemblages
Penelope Crittenden lovely alabaster sculptures
Judith Heim, 20+ new colorful collages
Sue Taves sculptures for inside or outside
Lane Tompkins has several carved alabaster sculptures.