Debbi Rhodes

Debbi Rhodes is a energetic, enthusiastic, whimsical artist with a fifteen year background in metal fabrication. Debbi is all about making things out of metal. Her particular passion is to take cast off, used up metal goods and re-purpose them into laughable, lyrical sculptures.

"Dandy Lion", reclaimed metal

“The majority of my creations are meant to      be placed out in the garden to add personality and surprise. It has been my pleasure to deliver and place my pieces in hundreds of local gardens and homes. This is an important part of the process to me, sending my “kids” out into the world, I recall fondly where each one lives.”  D. Rhodes

Debbi Rhodes, working on the "Orca", a recent commission for the new bridge to Camano Island, WA

There are pieces  created with a far more serious nature.  Rhodes engineering mind drives her to bring beautiful figurative art to life. The nature of these works require them to be protected from the weather to ensure they will maintain their patina and polish.

Camano Bridge Sculptures

Rhodes has been selected numerous times for Public Art pieces.  Her newest commissions, the four sculptures on the bridge to Camano Island and the round-a-bout to the entrance to the City of Lake Stevens.